Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been very 'Krafty' for me! I spent most of yesterday making RSVP gifts for all of my friends that come to my fall party. They turned out really cute! I am hoping to get a photo of them today...we'll see. Today I have to cover a pumpkin with glitter so I can bring it back to work tomorrow. I am also going to make halloween cards for my neice and nephew. If I can I will post them on here tonight too. Well, that's it for me right now. Off to get some stuff done!

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  1. Welcome to Blogworld!!!! You'll find that taking care of your blog is just like having a small child or naughty, high-maintenance puppy, heehee. It is awfully time consuming, but highly rewarding because you'll quickly make tons of blog friends. I've added you to my google reader and look forward to stalking your blog daily!!!!! Your blog looks totally groovy, by the way :)