Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess it's a Sunday thing...

My goal this year was to blog more often. At least once a week. I have been meaning to come here all week to blog my newest layouts, but have been too busy until today. Maybe I should change my blog name to "Something About Sundays"! :) Oh well. At least I have been keeping up with the at least once a week part, right? Hee! So I have a couple of layouts to share with you. These were both made using the Confections (Aug 08) kit from Studio Calico. I love this kit so much! Well, I love all their kit's! What can I say? April and Scarlet rock at putting kits together! If you are in the market for an awesome kit of the month club, you should really check them out! Ok, ok I'll stop rambling and get on with it. :)

This first one is a layout about the cherry blossom tree in our backyard. I took these photo's last spring - Mike laughed at me because I was taking pictures of the tree everyday after work for about a week. Can you blame me? I just had to make sure that I had really good photo's of it in all it's glory! :)

Journaling reads:
These are the photo's that got me hooked on photography. They just turned out so beautiful! I love how rich the colors are - the bright pinks and greens - how can you resist? Of course now I realize that this love of photography has been hiding inside me, all along - passed down from Grannie to my dad, and from my dad to me.
I remember when I was growing up, dad always asked us to come get our pictures taken when we were playing outside. it wasn't until I was thinking about photo's I would be taking of my children as they grow up that I realize how similar we all are! Though we didn't like our photo's taken at the time, these are some of my favorite photo's now!
The second layout is of photo's I took when I first started to like photography. The story that goes with it actually has little to do with the photo's, but I didn't have pictures to support the whole story, so they will have to work! I will have a follow up layout with my favorite childhood photo's on the opposing page in my scrapbook. Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Once a week is good for blogging! I like you layouts. Thanks for sharing. Makes me long for warmer days and blooms around my house!

  2. beautiful photos my friend...glad you like hanging out with us at SC!! =)

  3. Very gorgeous photos and a wonderful cherry blossom layout!